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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Change of Scenery

You may have noticed my page has changed. The photo is not me, but the four legs probably gave it away. I opted to take the personal "me" out of the page. I am debating creating another blog (probably too many to handle if I do) that does not have any traces of my ID in it. I don't doubt that my job may be reading this blog and with my sometimes inability to filter thoughts, it seemed a good idea to lay a little low with the personal me. It might be too late, but hey I can always claim "Huh?? That was bad??"

On to my health issues............the drugs work. Totally work. I can actually walk with the pharmaceuticals cruising through my blood stream. The back spasms are no joke. There were lines of pain running marathons from my back to my thigh. I will be completing physical therapy as soon as the inflammation calms down. If I can stay awake (muscle relaxers make me a little groggy), I have a date with the new Vanity Fair.

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