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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Drama fo yo mama

How can I say this without offending and upsetting? Cutting off a family member is really hard. Cutting off a family member with a baby is even more difficult.

I have a family member who I do not know that well but we were working on getting to know each other better. It's a strange relationship because you are related but you are strangers. So, while you are automatically cautious you feel strange about that because you are biologically related. It is odd. Very odd.

This particular person is not a healthy person spiritually, physically or emotionally. And, he married someone who mirrors his deficiencies. The problem is there is a child involved. A child who is clearly not developing as he should be. One has to stop and wonder if it is not an issue with the parents versus the genetics. I would lean towards the former. The spouse is probably one of the most wounded venomous people I have ever met. My family member is someone who has this in them but seems to try to rise above it. The problem is that he wants what he wants when he wants it and will do whatever it takes to obtain it. Alone they express their extreme unhappiness with each other, their desire to separate and their desire to hurt each other. This makes for a very volatile situation when the two of them are upset at the same time.

Because I have been wanting this relationship to work, I have been patient and giving to both of these people. Because there has been a baby involved, I have been trying to remain calm as a source of support. But, I can only take so much of being taken advantage of . I finally spoke my frustration. I finally let go of my irritation over the complete lack of consideration these two display to all of those around them. The result was a volcanic eruption from two people who cannot stand being challenged and a severed relationship due to their toxicity.

I am sad, but I feel lighter. I don't feel as if I am witnessing the cruelest couple on earth screw up a perfectly innocent child. And most importantly, I kept a promise to my mother to locate the two she could never forget.