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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Watching Seinfeld and enjoying a quiet Saturday

Awwww me....I should be studying for an upcoming exam but I am watching Seinfeld re-runs and being lazy on the sofa. I am enjoying a head-ache free day even though my shoulder is buggin me. Maybe my laziness is due to my current contemplation about whether my health issues should prevent me from being a parent. My shoulder locks up whenever I am carrying anything for too long. Like last night....we went shopping, I bought some jeans and after about 30 minutes of carrying the bad my shoulder was killin me.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Fight

Ya know...I feel better, I blog about it and then I feel like crap. It's really quite the dysfunctional relationship with Murphy's Law. In fact, I think it is a toxic relationship I should sever. Isn't this what Dr. Phil prescribes? Me feeling like crap = headache which = migraine. It's a form of torture but I am not sure who is inflicting this on me.

I am sitting here feeling much better after my chiro appt with Dr. Z (if you live in Orange County, I highly recommend him ). My neck was locked up again and my shoulder was twittering with pain. It was awful. I have been looking forward to a muscle relaxer when I get home as soon as I get to work, and I hate the feeling of the muscle relaxer except that it provides relief. The foggy head side effect is completely undesirable. Anywho, Dr. Z released my neck and I feel somewhat human again....except for the fogginess.

So now I sit and write thinking about that I should be working on my short story. I went to the library and picked up Alice Munro and Chekov for research. My short story seems to have too many characters at the moment which means I should save it for a novel. But, alas I am now rambling. What I am trying to say is that I am procrastinating. Maybe I will drink some half caf coffee and see if this helps perk me up.