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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quiet Sunday of Contemplation

Happy Sunday! Well....I am sure many of you know that Oprah has come out of the closet with her weight and is dealing with it openly (again). I am feeling inspired and am posting the photo that has kicked started me on the same quest....along with my migraines. That;s me in the far right holding my gorgeos pregnant friend's belly. But, what I noticed is that I look pregnant. I am not sure if this is my sweater being cruel or that is my stomach. I don't think it is my stomach, but anywho I saw this photo and thought "ooooooh no! I don't think so." My thighs even look terrible to me. Yes, I know that my image of myself is likely worse than everyone who is looking at this, but nonetheless it made me move. I realize that I cannot lose weight unless I am moving. I have tried this before, but if I do not lose weight I will see medical attention. So, I have committed to eating less (I already eat pretty good) and walking no less than 30 minutes per day.
As for migraines.....*sigh* ..........well, I went up to the Bay Area for this lovely babyshower and I had a migraine the whole time. I had enough meds so I was ok, but I was kinda flat. I have an appointment with my neurologist because I just feel like there is something else I could be doing.
Wish me luck!!! I hope everyone is happy and healthy ;)


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