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Saturday, January 31, 2009

I love Saturdays....when I feel good!

So, I feel pretty good today. I bought a treadmill and I have been using it. I actually really like it....way better than walking through my neighborhood. My neighborhood, as you may have previously read, is colorful. I live close to the beach so maybe it is that when I see all the telephone wires it doesn't compare to walking along the beach and thus I don't like walking in my neighborhood. It's difficult to explain but I can get lost when walking at the thoughts just go and it is lovely. Walking in my's noisy, there are a lot of telephone wires and the yards are not always very pretty. No likey.

Anywho, I bought this treadmill that connects to my ipod and has a fan. What more do you need? A little Cameo "It's like Candy!", some cool air and a 4% is good! I have not shed any pounds but I do feel good. It alleviates a little stress which is awesome. I also went to my neurologist and talked about what meds I can take if I get pregnant. The answer is: none. Apparently there is no data...and I mean no data...on migraine medication and pregnancy. Apprently they have not tested enough little animals to draw a conclusion (animal testing seriously tugs at my heart). So, basically the approach is take it if it is so bad that you cannot stand it but don't take it if you don't have to because they don't know really what will happen. I also get to have my thyroid checked because of all of my attempts to lose weight and nothin happenin.

Migraine did come this week but not bad....relatively speaking. I am wondering if I feel a little better because I am off the birth control pill? Who knows....but it is nice to feel like I am not putting anything else in my body except a daily vitamin.

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