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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vacay Baby!

**SIGH** It is my birthday this week...well, I guess technically it is next week since it falls on a Sunday...anyways, I will be 33. I decided my gift to myself will be 7 days off of work. I really need it. I have been uber tired for more months than I can count, I have been working on average of 10 hour days (and I am salaried so no overtime...poop!), my job is moving and so the mood in the office tends to swing, I am trying to keep my employees happy so we can meet our goals for the end of the year and did I mention I am tired? Anywho, I opted to take some time off and treat myself to no obligations for 7 whole days. This work emails and nothing to do with work; it also means I can be vegetable ;)

But, I will not be a vegetable. I am going to go to my yoga classes, walk the dog and spend a few days in Palm Springs. I just get the option to sleep in for each of these days! Maybe my weight issues will take a vacation as well because it has seriously been frustrating me. Wait...I am trying to be positive about this. Let me try that again: I will have a break from thinking about my weight in a negative light during this vacation. Better? Well, it's the best positive outlook I can muster for the moment. Whenever I think of my additional poundage this song comes into my head (sung by Kim Wilde): Set me free why don't you babe, get out my life why don't you babe., oooh hooo, you don't really love me, you just keep me hanging on! Gotta love the 80's!! Well, I sing it to my fat cells....maybe they don't like my singing? I am planning on my headaches and migraines to gift me by not being present for this whole week. I will not sing to them in hopes they do not come around (my singing is pretty bad....but I love to do myself when no one is around).

So, other than sleeping in and keep up with my calorie burning/health routine, I will be meeting my 3 week old nephew this weekend. He is my brother's child and my only nephew...this means he will be spoiled! My brother and I only recently met (that is a whole other post!!!) and now we have a new edition to the family to celebrate. His name is Gabriel and he is quite adorable. And, yes I am completely biased.

I will try to post whilst I relax...but who knows...I may be too lazy to type ;)


deborah said...

Well, lucky, lucky you! A brand new baby to snuggle and cuddle up with. I am so jealous. Please get that little boy a Yankees cap for a friend in the state of NY will ya? Have an awesome time. Can't wait to see the pics

Sarah R said...

Hi Brooklyn! My name is Sarah and I’m a WEGO Health Researcher for migraine disease. Your May 29th entry caught my eye because it seems we share the same birthday week. I continued reading through your blog after seeing those pictures of your adorable dog: I love that he knows when you’re sick and will curl up to nap with you until you feel better! Because of your involvement in the Migraine Community, I’d really like to feature you and your blog on the WEGO Health in a Spotlight Interview. We’ve conducted a few of these interviews already; you can read an example of one here Would you be willing to answer some questions about your personal experiences with migraine disease? If so, please drop me an email at and we’ll get things started! Thanks!