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Saturday, May 17, 2008

When I say Oklahoma, you say WHAT!??

My job is moving out of's being moved to Oklahoma. Yes, I said Oklahoma. Doesn't really inspire a "Ohhhh, that sounds like an adventure!" comment, does it? Well, it didn't for me either. Let's see when we think of Oklahoma what comes to mind? A broadway production named Oklahoma, race riots in 1941, a state sentator who recently made an anti-gay comment on the senate floor, a DA who was murdered for being gay last year, gun racks, belt buckle of the bible belt, the Sonics may move there....need I go on?

My hope is that the state has a bad rap. So, I am reaching out to anyone who has been to Oklahoma City or who lives there? What is it like? Do the stereotypes fit? How is the diversity (that is code for how do minorities and gay people get treated)? How is the culture (code for is there any)?

Right now I am feeling disappointed in the company I work for. They released the information to us the same day Oklahoma City newspapers ran the story. So much for letting us know when they know. Despite this, I am considering moving. My family is multi racial and my dad's are gay. Will this fit in? This is the deal breaker for me. If this would be too much of a challenge then I won't move. Did I mention that the company I work for has Diversity as one its Values? I wonder if they will escort me on my way home?

So, if you have any suggestions or comments about Oklahoma City...please let me know. I am trying to remain open but it ain't easy ya'll.

P.s. My vertigo remains aqui. I went to the hospital yesterday...they did nothing and I hope it remains nothing. No migraine today though...YEAH!!


Anonymous said...

Hey there Brooklyn,

I am sorry to hear about your move! When are they officially moving to Oklahoma City? I really wish I knew about the city but I have never been there. I will ask my friends and see if they know anything.

I miss you my dear and if you do move, I will make every effort to visit you before you move. I am soooo with you about diversity and acceptance. That is why I live where I live and why when Marc and I talk about moving, that is our top priority!

I am sorry you had to go to the hospital. Shit, when it rains it pours!

Hope you can find some peace :-)


ananda.tashie said...

I don't know if you saw my response to your question on my OKC photo blog, but I did a whole post called "about okc" earlier this month. :) Good luck with whatever you decide!

kenziekylanmom said...

Wow, I live in OK but not in the OKC area but we do go to OKC every other month or so. The Tulsa area is where I call home and I can tell you about diversity my 2 children are Korean and my brother in law married an African American woman and she is awesome. We talk about racism a lot and the comments that we make to people that are rude to us. Our neighbor is gay and he has a lot of problems too because a lot of people in OK are just not accepting of others because we live in the Bible Belt. Anyway, there are great people here too...we have WONDERFUL friends that would do anything for you.
Housing prices here are way below the norm. but you need a car because everything is really far and you can't walk to anything unless you are at the park or designated walking trails. Email if you have more questions. My email is on my blog!

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