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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Adios Topamax!!!

Hasta la bye bye to Topamax. That's right, the neurologist's nurse called me back and said I was to stop taking it tonight. But, apparently she failed to listen to me or look at my history because she wants me to take Pamelor now....which I took 2 years ago and it did not work. So, what now? I don't know. I await yet another phone call.

What is Pamelor you ask? Specifically it is an antidepressant that is also used to treat chronic illness. I took it for 3 months with no side effects except that it did not work.

What is quite frustrating is that I keep telling her that I am sensitive to medicine and she keeps trying to give me high doses for pharmaceuticals. It seriously bothers me when a doctor does not listen to you. Do I not know my body better than you? Ummmm, yes I do. And, please listen to me when I give you some very important information when it comes to my body and what you are asking me to put in it.

Anywho - it's been a frustrating day but the good news is my spaciness will be going away.

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