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Saturday, November 1, 2008


I stand corrected. Oklahoma City is pretty kewl. So, I arrived the first day and I was less than impressed. We went from the airport to the hotel and the drive was ....well, it was typical of what you find driving from any airport: Blech! We checked into a GORGEOUS hotel and were off and running. We drove to this one town everyone had researched and thought it was going to be AMAZING. It wasn't. Actually it was kinda lame. The houses were pretty. They were new. But, the town was small (all of 2 blocks) and it was pretty under developed. Not many trees and a lot of construction. We got a call that the new OKC NBA team, the Thunder, was holding a practice and we were invited. I jumped at the opportunity. The Ford Center was not what it was hyped up to be. It was as nice but no better than any other that I had seen. Anywho, the practice was kew. People were really excited and it was contagious. The first remained so-so.

The second day we met with the Chamber of Commerce for a breakfast which was a great welcoming. My hopes were perculating. We then separated into groups and I went off to meet the Cimmaron Alliance. WOW! What a fantastic meeting with a great group of people. They were welcoming, open, honest, proud of their city and practical on how they were going to make it even better. The diversity in the city is thriving and what is even more impressive is that the minority communities work together and support each other. Imagine that?!
On the last day we attended a Diversity Business Association meeting where we met Al McAfferty who is a state representative and the mother of Jim Roth who is running for energy commissioner. Muy Kewl! We mingled with a lot of business owners (white, gay, straight, name it, they were present!) who get together to network 2x per month. There were people from small and big business; local and national business. It was actually pretty inspiring.

Without completing a play by play, the trip was a success and I will consider relocating to OKC. It all depends on the offer now from the company. Regardless, it is a win/win situation.
Oh, and the best part was that I had not one migraine.

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