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Friday, June 26, 2009

Stories of Love

Sooo, on the blog that I have been cheating on this blog with I have been writing (or better yet, starting to write) my story. I have found that it has been a difficult and yet easy thing to open up and be so vulnerable. I have had to think about how some of my words may affect my family, reconcile that this is my story from my perspective and take the leap to just write it. It has been actually very freeing. I am feeling closer to my mother than I ever have in getting this out. I kinda wish she was alive to read it, but I have a feeling she may not have understood it.

The interesting effect of my unloading is my headaches while still frequent have not been as severe. I have had minor migraines but nothing that early medication cannot catch in time. I wonder if allowing myself to be so vulnerable while inviting friends and family to read this has been healing me in some sense. Maybe I will get to that memoir after all?

On a separate note, I would like to send my love to the Jackson family. Michael was such an important part of music and culture. I do not know one person who has not had an event in their life framed by his art. I will miss him greatly but I am so thankful for what he has left us. As a good friend of mine said so eloquently: Tha Man Made Thriller!!!

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