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Friday, June 27, 2008

Mean Migraine

Holy Smokes! It was a bad one. It started on Tuesday morning and hit me really hard at about 3am on Wednesday morning. I can never figure out why my migraines hit me in the very early mornings the hardest? You would think with me being relaxed while sleeping the Mean Migraine would be fueling to hit when I have to begin moving around. But nooooooooo, always in the early early mornings. I wake up, feel the pain and the pinch, think "mother *******!!", get up, can't turn on the light because it will hurt, blindly feel around for my meds, find them, take them, call my boss and follow it up with an email (my boss is understanding and I love him for this) and then back to bed. This is when Chris looks at me pained because all he can do is check on me. These migraines really hit more than just me....they domino to many people in my life having to watch me go through this. This image is what I imagine my migraine looks like only not smiling....see what is in his hand? That club bounces through the inside of my head, neck and shoulders.

Anywho, I tried the protein thing again. Ummm, no such luck at all. This was one of my worst ones. Thankfully it lasted only 1 bad day but I really felt like I was going to die. The sound of the neighbors windchimes were like a full scale orchestra in my noggin. They usually make me sleepy. On Wednesday they made me weepy. The cool breeze from the window was making me nauseous. My skin was crawling and my meds were taking way too long to kick in. To add insult to lower back hurts from lying down so much now. Can I pleeeeeze flip the migraine off???

Well, the good news is that I am feeling better now. This is better than normal because I am going to see George Michael tonight and being as willful as I can be I might have tried to tough through the pain just to see him. "Father Figure", "Outside", "Careless Whisper"....oh! I am soooooo there!!! So, thankfully I will not have to tough through anything because I am feeling much better. Well, not much better but comparatively speaking. The hangover of the meds lasts for a few days but I think George Michael will cure that ;)


Glenn Stewart Coles said...

I used to wake up with headaches all the time. I discovered that I carried a lot of tension in my jaw so I was grinding my teeth while I slept. All the extra pressure created a headache and by the time I woke up it was too late. For me the trick was to learn how to relax my jaw muscles before I went to sleep.

Now I am happy to say that I no longer get headaches. No meds, no special treatments and no headaches. I try to document what I did at

Yes, My Name Is Really Brooklynn said...

Thanks for your note Glenn...but I am not sure whether you are leaving advice or advertising for your own site.