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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dragon Days....

I am almost one month headache free...which quite frankly says a lot given it is the holidays. I have been converted to a HUGE fan of botox!

So, next week is my usual guaranteed migraine. The OBGyn has suggested I halt my periods to see if it is a hormonal issue. The funny thing is that he kept asking if I "understood" what he was saying....I felt like saying "Duh! I am the one who feels the hormone shift!!" but instead I was good and just responded that yes I very much understood what he was trying to do. So, we shall see if the answer has been found. I have, however, become resigned to that if I have a migraine once a month and it is due to being on birth control...well, then that is ok. It is better than having a child that I am not ready for.

I still don't know what the boob surgeon is going to be about and the anxiety remains. It seems that even after my first "consult" I will still not know what it going to happen. I wonder if these doctors know what this anxiety feels like? To continue to wait and not know is quite frustrating.

Anywho....for right now I sit and try to occupy my mind with some other thought.

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